5 Foods To Kick To The Kerb During The Meno Years

5 foods to avoid

When it comes to the meno years regular readers know we’re all about natural solutions here at MenoMe®, and one of the most powerful ways of handling the symptoms of the meno years (aside from 40+™ of course!! 😊) is removing some of the foods you eat from your diet as they can exacerbate your symptoms.


Yep, it’s true. Some ladies can get away with the odd splurge but for the comfort of most of us, it’s best to say bye-bye. Personally, I’ve struggled with this one. Particularly with wine, coffee and curry because I know that the minute I have them a hot flush will ensue.

Actually, to be honest, that doesn’t happen anymore as the effects of 40+™ have kicked in for me – yay! However, it used to be a regular occurrence.

One of the most powerful ways of handling the symptoms of the meno years (aside from EstroG-100 of course!!) is removing some of the foods you eat from your diet as they can exacerbate your symptoms Click To Tweet

Here’s the upshot:

1. Coffee

For all of the coffee aficionados out there, studies show that imbibing caffeine may worsen hot flushes and night sweats. A 2014 study found that limiting the intake of coffee and cola might help minimise the symptoms. However, the findings were different for those just beginning their meno journey (perimenopause) as it suggested that caffeine could boost their mood and concentration. That makes it a little confusing doesn’t it? Suffice to say you’ll know if your body’s reacting and swapping to a herbal tisane offers a fix.

2. Alcohol

I see so many jokes and funnies about women in midlife reaching for their wine, and I sooo relate! However, there comes a time for some of us (that would be me, it may be you too!) when it brings on a flush. Quite apart from menopause, alcohol has many effects on the body and not all of them are good. It dilates the blood vessels (hello hot flush!), goes straight to the liver which has to work hard to get rid of it, contributes to weight gain (calories without nutrition) and increases our chance of breast cancer. The wino in me finds that a bit sad, but the bonus I’ve found is that reducing my intake has resulted in more energy.

3. Sugar & White Carbs

I know, I know. You’re hearing sugar being demonised all over town, but it is for good reason. White sugar and white carbs are incredibly processed and addictive which doesn’t help create happy hormones. For that matter, it’s not very friendly when it comes to weight management either, which is why we recommend cutting them out in our Midlife Weight & Wellness programme. Our hormones are going through massive changes during the meno years and the impact these foods can have on our blood sugar – a bit like a yoyo – can make us irritable and cause our moods to be all over the place, which our hormones are already doing a pretty good job of all by themselves. Read our sugar series: part 1, part 2 and part 3 for how it works.

4. Spicy foods

I don’t know about you but I love my curries! Indian, Thai, it’s all-good in my book. Sadly though, my blood vessels don’t think so these days as give them a dose and they’ll set off a flush. The curry powder is a killer, and the capsaicin in chillies – which is totally good for you in other ways by the way – is not such a friend during the meno years. I’ve got to add a caveat in here though. It’s summer at the moment so I haven’t been wanting to do the curry thing. So it got me thinking – maybe now that the effects of my EstroG-100™ have kicked in I’ll be able to get away with a curry come winter (happy dance 💃).

5. Processed foods

We are living in an era of clean eating. One of the reasons for this is the knowledge we’ve gained about the effects on our bodies of the processed foods that have become ubiquitous since the industrial revolution. Man-handled foods have so much taken out of them and/or then added to them like sugar, sodium and other rubbish that make the food last longer or look pretty. The sad thing is the human body doesn’t thrive on these foods, particularly our sensitive meno bodies.

That’s why we recommend swapping out heat and eat meals, potato chips, and factory-made victuals for food from Mother Nature. Add in loads more vegetables, lots of greens, a salad a day with a sprinkling of seeds and you’ll really feel the difference. It’s incredible how balancing this way of eating can be for your hormones, your weight and your skin. Bloat goes, constipation disappears and weight comes off easily. It’s not magic, its just mindful living.


So there you have it. Five foods to minimise to help balance your hormones. I know some of them are addictive so I’m not saying it will be a walk in the park to do this. I am saying though, that if you can manage it the way you will feel will be like night and day.

It’ll repay you in spades in the looks department too. 😊

If you need help sing out, we’re here for you. 💙

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