8 Simple Staying At Home Ideas


When you’re not used to being at home a lot it’s all too easy to stay in your PJ’s or exercise gear and lie on the couch watching Netflix. Try these little tips to add some organisation in your day.

1. Keep doing the basics like making the bed, showering, getting dressed and putting your lipstick on if you wear it.

2. Don’t forget to take your 40+/55+ for your hormone health and to support your immunity. So many people forget their usual habits when their routines are disrupted.

3. Eat healthy food (avoid getting into the junk/comfort food habit).

4. Keep hydrated. Not drinking enough doesn’t support our immunity.

5. Exercise daily, but keep it local.

6. Consider an ‘isolation transformation’. If you’d like to lose a few kgs, let your hair go grey or grow your nails out now could make an ideal time.

5. Remember to keep socially connected outside your bubble via phone/messenger/Zoom/What’s App/ Skype (or join our private Facebook group 40+ Goddesses here).

6. If you’re working set focused working times in 90-minute blocks followed by a 15-minute break, and don’t forget to take a lunch break. There’s great science behind this.

7. If you’re not working try learning something new, read that book you’ve been putting off, declutter your wardrobe and put a time limit on binging on Netflix.

8. Do something fun.

We hope that helps.

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