Deanne McCrea

Deanne’s Story

Dee McCrea - Director MenoMe

At the end of 2014, at the age of 45, my first symptoms of menopause started. I began experiencing sleepless nights, night sweats and occasional vertigo. It didn’t occur to me that these signs might be related to menopause at the time. I simply wondered what was going on and began taking Rescue Remedy.

Peter Lehrke approached me about starting a company, MenoMe, at the end of 2014. As we were discussing EstroG-100™* and menopause symptoms it dawned on me – ‘I’ve started experiencing the first stage of menopause – perimenopause’. It all made sense. After all, my monthly cycle had started to change about a year before I started experiencing the signs.

So I started taking 40+ and started sleeping better within two days. Fast forward to 2021. I’m now 51 and I still take 40/55+. In fact, I wouldn’t be without it.  While things are changing as I get closer to post-menopause, I feel like things are under control.

*EstroG-100™ is the patented herbal formulation used in MenoMe® 40+ and 55+.

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