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Peter’s Story

I have always had an interest in how the human body works, so it was natural for me to study life sciences when I went to Massey University in the late 1970’s. I ended up doing a double major in physiology (how the body works) and a biochemistry honours (how the cells work).

Off in to the big world, I spent time in pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo and Douglas) developing medicines and learning how to make them. But the world of pharmaceuticals was changing as people got more and more interested in natural solutions to health, and on maintaining wellness rather than treating illness.

I did a diploma in nutrition and decided to start formulating natural products, supplements and skincare.

Then, in 2012, when I was working on a product for menopause, I went to Vitafoods Asia conference in Hong Kong where I came across EstroG-100™*. This was an amazing find – it appeared to overcome all the safety issues of hormone replacement therapy, black cohosh, or soy isoflavones but with very strong clinical evidence of effectiveness.

But I was sceptical, so I ordered some of the ingredients and made some capsules for my wife Linda to trial.

Linda was so used to me giving her my inventions to try that she was usually a bit ho-hum with the feedback, however she does the supportive wife role very well, and nods encouragingly with some suggestions on how to improve it.

But EstroG-100™ can take few weeks to balance the hormones to the point where you notice the difference, so I wasn’t expecting her to say anything.

Well, within a week she commented that she felt “great”. After 2 weeks she was asking for more, and when she ran out she was reminding me daily!

That was it. I signed up for the exclusive agency for EstroG-100™ active ingredient and worked for 3 years perfecting the formula and creating the offering we are proud to bring you today.

I am now working on helping women with other health and wellness issues so watch this space for more new products in the near future from MenoMe®.

*EstroG-100™ is the patented herbal formulation used in MenoMe® 40+.

peter lehrke