Jennifer Moore

Jennifer is a former magazine beauty and wellbeing editor, current wellness advocate and an International Certified Holistic Health Coach. She's worked with Next, Notebook:, Women's Health, Fitness Life and more, and co-authored In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well with naturopath Lani Lopez. Passionate about women's health especially in life after 40, Jennifer is a firm believer in combining both ancient and modern wisdom along with food from Mother Nature. She has experienced severe anxiety, muscle pain and hot flushes through perimenopause, but has managed to turn it around via some of the knowledge she shares. "Let's start the conversation and let the rest of the sisterhood know because together we're better," she says.

Vitamin D

What Is Vitamin D3?

It’s the sunshine vitamin! Vitamin D3 is often called the sunshine vitamin because our best source of it is via the sun. However, it’s not always possible to receive optimum levels in this way especially as we go through this midlife transition known as peri/menopause. Let me explain. Osteoporosis As we enter midlife our bone …

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Radiata Pine

What Is Enzogenol®?

Enzogenol® is one of the main players in 55+ and it’s an enormously exciting supplement. The more research it undergoes, the more benefits it’s shown to have. The reason we’ve included it in 55+ is that – at any stage of life but most particularly post-menopause – our brain, heart, and overall health need super …

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