Jennifer Moore

Jennifer is a former magazine beauty and wellbeing editor, current wellness advocate and an International Certified Holistic Health Coach. She's worked with Next, Notebook:, Women's Health, Fitness Life and more, and co-authored In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well with naturopath Lani Lopez. Passionate about women's health especially in life after 40, Jennifer is a firm believer in combining both ancient and modern wisdom along with food from Mother Nature. She has experienced severe anxiety, muscle pain and hot flushes through perimenopause, but has managed to turn it around via some of the knowledge she shares. "Let's start the conversation and let the rest of the sisterhood know because together we're better," she says.

seed mix for menopause

Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance

Seed cycling or seed rotation. Have you heard of them? Seed cycling and its sister, seed rotation, are becoming a couple of buzzwords in hormone talking circles lately. Why? Because they’re an incredibly simple, all-natural, hormone free, non-medicalised (and we’re all about that! 😀) hormone balancing tool. So what exactly is seeding cycling? It’s a …

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Alzheimer's and Dementia

What Can You Do To Prevent Dementia/Alzheimer’s?

Sometimes women connect common menopausal symptoms like brain fog and forgetfulness with dementia which is a legitimate worry given the statistics. Indeed, dementia has taken over from heart disease as the number one killer of women in Australia and in New Zealand it affects over 70,000 Kiwis. Lisa Genova Below is a wonderful TED talk …

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