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Incontinence….Ah Hem…Let’s Talk About It

I know you probably don’t want to talk about incontinence – it’s possibly the last thing you want to talk about – but during the meno years it really is a ‘thing’.

One of the many that nobody talks about. However, the face is that incontinence or ‘just-gotta-go-now’ is one of the symptoms of menopause. It’s super common. Continue reading…

by Jennifer Moore in Articles, Talk About Menopause

Recipe: Hormone Loving Kumara Chips

We know you love a good recipe, so do we!

So we’re sharing – as the title says – a regular hormone-balancing recipe that won’t budge the scales (as long as you don’t eat whatever it is by the truckload). Continue reading…

by Jennifer Moore in Nutrition
soy protein

The Benefits of Soy

Soy is a staple food in many vegetarian diets, particularly in Asia. It has many healthy nutritional properties and is the preferred protein source for women.

Soy Is A Complete Protein

Soy protein is a complete plant protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids that our body cannot make.

Being plant based it is suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets, and the source used for our Shake It Off® protein shake is from non-genetically modified plants (non-GMO). Continue reading…

by Peter Lehrke in Articles, Nutrition
Gastric balloon surgery

Breaking News – Radical new weight loss intervention

The front page of the New Zealand Herald on Saturday featured a story about a new weight reduction clinic in Remuera that uses a non-surgical technique to help patients feel full and stop over-eating.

Instead of stomach stapling the clinic uses a silicon balloon implanted into the stomach and inflated with salt water.

This creates the feeling of satiety, or fullness, that reduces the desire to eat. Typically, morbidly obese patients over 100kg weight lose 10% of body weight, or 10-15kg. Continue reading…

by Peter Lehrke in Articles

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