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Exercise during menopause

My EstroG-100™ Journey

I’m telling how it really is (for me anyway)!

I’m just starting my menopause journey but I’ve been taking EstroG-100™ for 2.5 years now, non stop, every day. I mainly take it to help me sleep and, for me, EstroG-100™ started working in two days. I went from not being able to go to sleep for hours to going to sleep within minutes in just two days. Continue reading…

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how to take estroG-100

How To Take EstroG-100™

We’ve had a few questions on this lately, so here’s the gen.

  1. Take two capsules daily.
  2. Preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast
  3. Don’t like taking capsules? Crack them open and add the contents to a shake or smoothie. Try this yummy recipe.
  4. For best results, we suggest taking EstroG-100™ for a period of at least 90 days and continue taking it while you are pre, meno, or post menopausal. Or for the rest of your life! :-)!
  5. As proven in our clinical trials, there are no side effects.
Don’t like taking capsules? Crack them open and add the contents to a smoothie. Click To Tweet

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Continue reading…

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Menopause check

Yes! MenoCheck


And we think it’s pretty amazing.

Not so long ago our wonderful team member Leigh stumbled across a kit for testing if you’ve reached menopause.

How handy/useful/clever is that? We don’t know about you, but we could do with it just to check if we’re there yet.

It’s a very simple test as well. We like simple ☺

So, without further ado….DRUM ROLL PLEASEContinue reading…

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get sugar out of your life

The Sugar Series – Part 2 of 3

10 Ways Your Life Will Improve Without Sugar

Sugar is a seductress and when you get free of her clutches your life will improve in a number of ways including reducing your unloved meno symptoms.

And who knows? The bugbears you blame on growing older could actually be due to the sugar you ingest. We kid you not! Continue reading…

by Jenna Moore in Articles, Menopause & Weight

The Sugar Series – Part 1 of 3

Sugar, Hormones & Weight Gain

When it comes to your weight and your hormones sugar is not–so-sweet.

Dealing with mid-life weight gain takes many forms. It’s something that most of us battle with (find out the reasons why here). As you may have read I’m a fan of Intermittent Eating, and another habit that works for me is minimising sugar, particularly the refined variety, and embracing a more holistic way of eating, not just for managing my weight but also for balancing my mood swings!

Continue reading…

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