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Have You Met Our Heroine?

Our heroine?

Well, I’m guessing you landed here at Meno-Me because you’re searching for something to help you during the hormones changes of midlife?

If so, be sure we’re here to help you in every single way – physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s also why you need to know about our heroine.😀.

In my experience, the menopause years are a bit of a rollercoaster and no walk in the park. We hear so many stories of women wanting to speak to someone who is familiar with the journey they’re walking. If that’s you, hello and welcome. 😀 Continue reading Have You Met Our Heroine?

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Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance

seed mix for menopause
Seed cycling or seed rotation. Have you heard of them?

Seed cycling and its sister, seed rotation, are becoming a couple of buzzwords in hormone talking circles lately.


Because they’re an incredibly simple, all-natural, hormone free, non-medicalised (and we’re all about that! 😀) hormone balancing tool.

So what exactly is seeding cycling? Continue reading Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance

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Burning Mouth Syndrome

burning mouth syndrome
Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is one of the unpleasant symptoms of the menopausal years.

It affects around seven per cent of the population (American figure, but according to the info I can tap into it’s similar down under). The most affected members of the population are 1. women and 2. post-menopausal women though pre/perimenopausal women and males can also be affected.

Stress, anxiety, depression and recent traumatic life events put us more at risk of Burning Mouth Syndrome. As these symptoms often go hand in hand with the meno years. it’s not surprising that the number of women affected outnumbers men by 7:1. Continue reading Burning Mouth Syndrome

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6 Ways to Tame Skin Itchy Skin 🤔

itchy skin during menopause

One of the most annoying and lesser-known symptoms of the meno years is itchy skin.

It’s so frustrating.

Often we put it down to dryness (which is true in part) or maybe even mozzies. But when there are no bites and it doesn’t let up we start to wonder just what’s going on. Continue reading 6 Ways to Tame Skin Itchy Skin 🤔

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3 Ways To Improve Hair Loss/Thinning Naturally

Woman in hair salon

Hair loss/thinning.

It’s one of the – well for me anyway – annoying/heartbreaking side effects of the meno years.

When I noticed my hair getting finer and even receding a millimetre at the hairline I was upset. Nobody else noticed, but to me, it yelled. I did my research and discovered that almost half of women who experience hair loss/thinning don’t talk about it (a bit like menopause right?). Continue reading 3 Ways To Improve Hair Loss/Thinning Naturally

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10 Ways Caffeine May Worsen Meno Symptoms

women in cafe with coffee
A Cup Of Joe.

Supping on a regular cup of joe has become a bit of a movement over the last few years. Go back a couple of decades and it was a pub on every corner (well, in Australia anyway). These days it’s more likely to be a café on every corner with a few stores in between corners as well. Continue reading 10 Ways Caffeine May Worsen Meno Symptoms