Breaking News – Radical new weight loss intervention

Gastric balloon surgery

The front page of the New Zealand Herald recently featured a story about a new weight reduction clinic in Remuera that uses a non-surgical technique to help patients feel full and stop over-eating.

Instead of stomach stapling the clinic uses a silicon balloon implanted into the stomach and inflated with salt water.

This creates the feeling of satiety, or fullness, that reduces the desire to eat. Typically, morbidly obese patients over 100kg weight lose 10% of body weight, or 10-15kg.

This is definitely a very radical approach, and risky, since there have been seven unexpected deaths in patients in the USA prompting the FDA to issue a warning. It is also a very expensive way to lose weight with programs starting at $8,850! Read full article here

What if there was a non-risky, cost effective alternative to helping you shed a few kgs?

One that supports healthy nutritional re-alignment, teaches good eating habits, requires no exercise, and actually costs less than the extra food we consume when over-eating?

Well there is NOW. Drum roll…….

Shake it Off® is a delicious, nutritious, satiety shake designed specifically to support weight management for menopausal women.

Shake it Off

It’s the result of over two years of research and development by nutritional biochemist Peter Lehrke and contains a special combination of protein and fibre with other satiety factors.

The combination not only triggers the release of the body’s satiety hormone leptin but trains the brain to become more sensitive to leptin. This is the only way to have sustainable results and avoid the yoyo weight problem of diets.

Shake it Off® is so packed with vitamins and minerals that it doubles as your multivitamin as well!

We are launching Shake it Off® next week here on our website

So if you would like to shed some weight or trim the belly for summer come back here this time next week.

Yours in health.
Team MenoMe

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