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The Gift of Menopause

When talking about menopause among friends and family I have heard some women say “I never went through menopause”. This is like saying “I never went through puberty”. What they actually mean is that they didn’t experience some of the more common signs of menopause, such as hot flushes and night sweats, which alert women …

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menopause at work

Menopause at work

Having gone through both pregnancy and menopause at work myself, I can’t help but reflect on the differences between the two experiences. Apart from the fleeting shadow of terror that passes across your boss’s face when you break the news, signalling their mind has already leapt to the challenges of maternity leave and cover (!), …

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Reframing Menopause

It’s difficult to start viewing menopause as a positive time in your life when it’s such a negative sounding word. Somehow, the “pause” part of it suggests an end to something great. So perhaps our reframing of menopause starts with the word itself. Should we instead be interpreting it as “me? NO pause“? Because, in …

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