Bannish the bloat

Banish The Bloat

Bloat. Even the word’s got an ‘urgh’ feel right? Bloating is an unwelcome guest as when we’re bloated our stomach protrudes, we feel like we’ve put on 5kgs and nothing we wear looks good no matter what we do! However, it’s highly likely we’ll experience bloating on our perimenopause/menopause journey as it’s one of the common …

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A Fresh New Look

We Have News! A brand new sophisticated look and a brand new name! WE NEED YOU 😁😁😁 So, first off… EstroG-100’s name is changing to… 40+ WHY? Because people were getting confused and thinking it CONTAINS estrogen, which it definitely doesn’t. It uses all-natural herbs to MIMIC the action of estrogen we lose as we …

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