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Fewer Leaks: Life With Elvie

Fewer leaks? What are you talking about?

Actually, I’m talking about incontinence and perimenopause because the percentage of women who experience meno related bladder leakage is huge, but nobody wants to talk about the need for fewer leaks.

It’s as taboo as menopause.

According to a 2011 study by the Medical University of Vienna in Austria this issue is ‘considered significantly more embarrassing than depression or cancer’.

Indeed, the World Health Organisation recently listed incontinence as a major health issue. Continue reading Fewer Leaks: Life With Elvie

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The Happy Hormones Bath 🛀🛀🛀

Bath time

It’s bath time! Splish splash.

Stress + bath = de-stress = equals happy hormones.

Yes, indeedy. Indulging in a soak in a warm bath is not only therapeutic, it’s a hormone balancer and feel-good exercise too.

Add in some Epsom salts or Magnesium Chloride Flakes and you’ll get an inexpensive and effective detox and magnesium boost as well. Continue reading The Happy Hormones Bath 🛀🛀🛀

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Have You Met Our Heroine?

Our heroine?

Well, I’m guessing you landed here at Meno-Me because you’re searching for something to help you during the hormones changes of midlife?

If so, be sure we’re here to help you in every single way – physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s also why you need to know about our heroine.😀.

In my experience, the menopause years are a bit of a rollercoaster and no walk in the park. We hear so many stories of women wanting to speak to someone who is familiar with the journey they’re walking. If that’s you, hello and welcome. 😀 Continue reading Have You Met Our Heroine?

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My EstroG-100™ Journey

Dee crosses Finish Line Taupo Marathon

I’m telling how it really is (for me anyway)!

I’m just starting my menopause journey but I’ve been taking EstroG-100™ for 2.5 years now, non stop, every day. I mainly take it to help me sleep and, for me, EstroG-100™ started working in two days. I went from not being able to go to sleep for hours to going to sleep within minutes in just two days. Continue reading My EstroG-100™ Journey

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How To Take EstroG-100™

how to take estroG-100

We’ve had a few questions on this lately, so here’s the gen.

  1. Take two capsules daily.
  2. Preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast
  3. Don’t like taking capsules? Crack them open and add the contents to a shake or smoothie. Try this yummy recipe.
  4. For best results, we suggest taking EstroG-100™ for a period of at least 90 days and continue taking it while you are pre, meno, or post menopausal. Or for the rest of your life! :-)!
  5. As proven in our clinical trials, there are no side effects.
Don’t like taking capsules? Crack them open and add the contents to a smoothie. Click To Tweet

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Continue reading How To Take EstroG-100™

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Estrogen and menopause – how EstroG-100™ works


So, you probably know that menopause starts as your estrogen levels decline.

Leigh’s blog in December talked about estrogen and how important it is, as well as how EstroG-100™ helps overcome the symptoms of menopause that are caused by declining estrogen levels. Continue reading Estrogen and menopause – how EstroG-100™ works