Menopause Symptoms

Menopause rage

How To Deal With Menopausal Rage

Rage? Yep, it’s a peri/menopausal ‘thing’. Or. Maybe you’re suffering from anger? That’s also a peri/menopausal ‘thing’. This is one of the thornier aspects of peri/menopause and one that’s not always acknowledged. Many women don’t realise this is even happening (it’s everyone else falling out with them – they haven’t done anything!) or they’re aware …

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Sore Breasts

Sore Breasts

Do you have tender, sore, painful and/or lumpy breasts? Chances are if you’re peri/menopausal you could be experiencing something like this. It’s a very, very common symptom so know you’re not alone. What Does It Feel Like? Although similar to the sensitive breasts we can experience in menstruation or pregnancy, this is a ‘different’ kind …

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