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Your Stories: Clare

Meet Clare McCall. She’s the busy CEO of an Auckland-based plumbing company and has over 35 employees working under her. Clare juggles many responsibilities such as taking charge in a male-dominated field, being a partner to Bino and running their household. She’s also a changemaker and is actively changing women’s lives in Nepal through education …

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Four 40 year old women friends

Your Stories: Vanessa

Vanessa shares: Hi there, my name is Vanessa. I’ve been in menopause for what seems like forever. Since at least 2013. My Symptoms It has been full of ongoing endless symptoms from itchy skin, feeling drained, permanently irritable, to being anxious most days for no particular reason. I’m not sure if perimenopause is worse but …

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Perimenopause story Toni Edwards

Your Stories: Toni

Other women’s personal stories about menopause can be enormously helpful to our own experiences. There’s a power in knowing we’re not the only ones going through this transition and discovering we’re normal! 😀 In this piece, Toni Edwards shares the story of her journey with us. Hi, I’m Toni and this is my personal story. If …

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