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Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance

seed mix for menopause
Seed cycling or seed rotation. Have you heard of them?

Seed cycling and its sister, seed rotation, are becoming a couple of buzzwords in hormone talking circles lately.


Because they’re an incredibly simple, all-natural, hormone free, non-medicalised (and we’re all about that! 😀) hormone balancing tool.

So what exactly is seeding cycling? Continue reading Seed Cycling For Hormone Balance

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Hormone Friendly Raw Chocolate-Almond Cups


I heard recently that chocolate is one of the top cravings for Meno-She’s. Would you agree? Are you a chocolate fiend?

While that’s OK sometimes, so much chocolate these days is filled with not-so-good things as well as lots of refined sugar which do not love our insulin, our waistlines or our hormones. This makes grabbing the nearest, most inexpensive bar (or block) you can find a pretty bad idea.

I’ve been through periods of doing just that and it didn’t do me any favours. In fact, I’ve found that since I’ve chosen to ditch refined sugar I feel better, my energy levels are peppier(!) and, if I don’t go off my good behaviour, my fibromyalgia (or whatever it is) doesn’t flare. Continue reading Hormone Friendly Raw Chocolate-Almond Cups

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5 Filling Foods That Love Your Waistline

One of the biggest challenges of midlife for Meno-She’s is weight gain. This is due to a number of reasons including less activity and our waistlines storing estrogen as fat in a bid to make up for the depleted estrogen in our ovaries. You can read more about the reasons why here and here.

It’s why we created the Ultimate Weight Loss & Wellbeing Programme to help you manage weight gain because we personally know it’s not much fun to pack on the pounds (yes I do know it’s technically kilograms down under 😀). The programme is based on real foods packed with nutrients complemented by Shake It Off® a nutritional/protein powder that takes the edge off your hunger but also delivers up nice doses of recommended vitamins and minerals. Read more about what it contains here.

If you’re still finding cravings getting to you here are five delicious, nutritionally good for you, treats that’ll take your not-so-good desires and kick them to the curb. Continue reading 5 Filling Foods That Love Your Waistline

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Important Question: Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

Magnesium is one of my favourite nutrients – even more so now I’m in midlife. It’s essential for those us in the meno years.

Why? Well, as you know our hormones start fluctuating from about our 40s (on average) on our journey to and through menopause – once we’re on the other side our risk of bone fractures and heart disease increases. Not fun I know. 😥

I don’t love being the bearer of bad news, but I’ll always temper it with good stuff! And that is magnesium can help.

One last stat for you. According to the UK Government’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey (I couldn’t find stats for Australasia), as many as 11% of menopausal women don’t have enough magnesium in their bodies.

This may be because Meno-She’s like you and me are often restricting our diets in order to control midlife weight gain. The good news is we can eat lots and lots of green leafies and nuts and seeds and other goodies (see below) to ensure we’re getting enough.

Continue reading Important Question: Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

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Strawberry & Vanilla Mojito Mocktail

A long, cool mojito is just the thing when the heat is on, and boy hasn’t it been on?

Just because we should be avoiding alcohol (it tends to muck with our hormones during the meno years) doesn’t mean we should miss out.

This was the long-awaited, non-alcoholic mojito recipe I’d yet to try and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Nothing beats strawberries right? Add all the sparkle and zest of lemon and mint and this wee cocktail was so darned good I drank two of them in the test kitchen! The good news is it fits right in with watching waistlines. Continue reading Strawberry & Vanilla Mojito Mocktail

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5 Foods To Kick To The Kerb During The Meno Years

5 foods to avoid
When it comes to the meno years regular readers know we’re all about natural solutions here at Meno-Me®, and one of the most powerful ways of handling the symptoms of the meno years (aside from EstroG-100™ of course!! 😊) is removing some of the foods you eat from your diet as they can exacerbate your symptoms.


Yep, it’s true. Some ladies can get away with the odd splurge but for the comfort of most of us, it’s best to say bye-bye. Personally, I’ve struggled with this one. Particularly with wine, coffee and curry because I know that the minute I have them a hot flush will ensue.

Actually, to be honest, that doesn’t happen anymore as the effects of EstroG-100™ have kicked in for me – yay! However, it used to be a regular occurrence. Continue reading 5 Foods To Kick To The Kerb During The Meno Years

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Six Foods To Help Balance Your Hormones


Six foods to help balance your hormones? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, you know the meno years are all about our hormones, but did you know the food you eat can have a significant effect on how much they swing?

As our fertility declines so do our estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels, which can lead to the things that drive us batty like hot flushes, weight gain, moodiness, bladder weakness, itchy, dry skin and so much more. However, the foods we choose to eat can help balance them a little bit.

More: 34 most common symptoms. Continue reading Six Foods To Help Balance Your Hormones

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Delicious Icy Cold Blackberry Smoothie 🍹

Blackberry Smoothie

Icy cold smoothie? It sounds good right? It is 🍹.

Like all of our recipes this recipe is yummylicious as well as hormone loving and waistline pleasing. Plus it’s ridiculously easy, so easy I feel like I’m telling you to suck eggs a bit. But hey, sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration to change it up.

Continue reading Delicious Icy Cold Blackberry Smoothie 🍹