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Your Stories: Toni Edwards

Perimenopause story Toni Edwards

Other women’s stories about the meno years can be enormously helpful to our own experiences.

There’s a power in knowing we’re not the only ones going through this transition and discovering we’re normal! 😀

In this piece, Toni Edwards shares the story of her journey with us. Continue reading Your Stories: Toni Edwards

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3 Ways To Improve Hair Loss/Thinning Naturally

Woman in hair salon

Hair loss/thinning.

It’s one of the – well for me anyway – annoying/heartbreaking side effects of the meno years.

When I noticed my hair getting finer and even receding a millimetre at the hairline I was upset. Nobody else noticed, but to me, it yelled. I did my research and discovered that almost half of women who experience hair loss/thinning don’t talk about it (a bit like menopause right?). Continue reading 3 Ways To Improve Hair Loss/Thinning Naturally

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8 Natural Ways To Reduce Your Meno Symptoms

natural-ways to reduce symtoms
For those of us who experience symptoms of perimenopause/menopause and post-menopause life can be challenging at times, they’re a literal pain in the proverbial. 😉

BUT. Yes – hallelujah – I have a lovely but for you! There are some natural and simple steps you can take to help reduce your symptoms. Continue reading 8 Natural Ways To Reduce Your Meno Symptoms

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7 Simple Tips For The Best Sleep Ever


Sleep. For many Meno-She’s difficulties getting to sleep or staying asleep can be one of the first symptoms of perimenopause and it’s a killer.

Don’t we all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our sanity? But what you may not know is it’s also key to hormone balance, cognitive function and regulating your weight.

Here are five tips to help you try to get – and stay – in the land of nod for a life-boosting eight or so hours: Continue reading 7 Simple Tips For The Best Sleep Ever

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Are You Menopausal Or Pregnant?


Pregnant or menopausal? I know right? But the 40s can be a time of either possibility if you don’t practise birth control.

As we’ve said in other stories such as 3 Signs That Point To You Being In Perimenopause and What Happens To Your Body During Menopause? menopause can creep up on us and be a confusing time. Goodness knows, often times it can be the furthest thing from our minds as we go about our busy daily lives. Continue reading Are You Menopausal Or Pregnant?

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What Happens To Your Body During Menopause?

When we published 3 Symptoms That Point To You Being In Menopause, so many people read it we realised you’re starved of information.

We get it. We totally do, and I definitely do, because that’s where I was. These days, since working with Meno-Me®, my knowledge of the meno years has grown exponentially 😀. I’m a researcher so when a subject interests me I’m in there boots and all.

So let’s look at what exactly happens to the body we’ve lived in, and many have battled with, for decades during the meno years, shall we? Continue reading What Happens To Your Body During Menopause?

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How To Have Great Skin After 40 🌻

As we enter the meno years, along with the mood swings and weight gain can come massive changes in our skin.

The drop in estrogen that is a hallmark of the perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause can lead to a dryer, thinner skin with wrinkles emerging on a complexion that was once smooth and plump. It’s estrogen that controls how thick our skin is,  its moisture content and how well our blood flows to the skin.

Other changes that may occur are the onset of adult acne and the odd whisker or three. ☹️An imbalance of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone can lead to the acne you thought you’d left behind in your teens while the whiskers are produced because our lower estrogen levels mean we have a little more testosterone circulating.

Diminishing estrogen can also reduce the levels of the skin’s natural hydrators like hyaluronic acid. Continue reading How To Have Great Skin After 40 🌻