Early Menopause for Teresa

Teresa's cancer battle was tough enough. Now menopause...

Theresa is experiencing early menopause

Artificial menopause can result from chemotherapy

Teresa is only 38. At the age of 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Within months she was having menopause signs – not uncommon when chemotherapy is toxic to the ovaries causing destruction of eggs.

Early menopause a cruel blow

Just when Teresa had felt that she was emerging from the endless rounds of doctors, surgeons, hospitals and feeling rock bottom, early menopause felt like the cruelest blow.

No gentle slide in to menopause for her. Doesn’t she have enough to cope with already without her body spiraling out of control again?

She wonders if her life will ever truly be normal again.

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