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My EstroG-100™ Journey

Exercise during menopause

I’m telling how it really is (for me anyway)!

I’m just starting my menopause journey but I’ve been taking EstroG-100™ for 2.5 years now, non stop, every day. I mainly take it to help me sleep and, for me, EstroG-100™ started working in two days. I went from not being able to go to sleep for hours to going to sleep within minutes in just two days.

These days I wake up feeling fresh, able to train for my crazy swimming, cycling and running events, run my business and look after my young family.

young family

Photo: My family – three boys and hubby out fishing on a lovely South Taranaki day.

Bumps on the road

After a year of taking EstroG-100™ I had a couple of weeks where I didn’t sleep as well, but I came right. Two years later the same thing happened, but after a week or two I settled down and slept well again. The common denominator in both instances was the middle of summer.

After 2.5 years, in the middle of May 2017, I started experiencing night sweats and my temperature regulation was all over the place during the day – I guess it’s what is often called hot flushes. This lasted two to three weeks.

During this time I continued taking EstroG-100™ and these symptoms passed as well. I’m now back to normal again. (Actually, I quite enjoyed this time as it really cemented for me that I am at this life stage. It got me thinking as I remembered an article my colleague Leigh wrote on the Gift of Menopause about keeping healthy).


In my role at Meno-Me® I talk to a lot of women about their menopause symptoms and our product. From conversations I suspect some women may be expecting EstroG-100™ to ‘cure’ their menopause or flat line their symptoms, but let’s remember firstly that menopause can’t be cured because it’s not a disease (it’s a natural life stage all women go through) and secondly our hormones have a cyclical nature of peaks and troughs.

EstroG-100™ is designed to balance hormonal fluctuations over time and ease Meno symptoms.

I’ve noticed that for some women who are taking EstroG-100™ the results can be quite profound (all symptoms gone in a few days), and for others the effects are more subtle – they may not have had too many troubling symptoms in the first place, but report feeling better over-all – a sense of calmness. One customer emailed me recently after her latest order saying, “I was just thinking how pleased I am to have these little things (EstroG-100™) in my life…!! Lol”.

take early action

Some women experience wonderful results for the first 3-6 months and then write to us saying they are getting hot flushes again. This is an example (like my own experience), of hormones fluctuating. Continued use of EstroG-100™ will see the symptoms settle down again.

Other women don’t see results until they’ve been taking EstroG-100™ for 2-3 months. For those who persevere the results are worth it.

During the three bumps in the road I mentioned at the start of this article, I could have thought, “bummer it’s not working anymore”, stopped taking EstroG-100™ and moved onto something else. However, I will never stop taking EstroG-100™, I understand how it works read more here on how EstroG-100™ works), and I know it’s doing me good.

Apart from great sleep, no night sweats and no hot flushes – I realised the other day how great I’m feeling – happy, energetic, and healthy. Loving life!

My message: if you’re trying EstroG-100™ give it at least three months to reap the rewards. If you’ve been taking it for awhile and your symptoms have popped back, keep calm it’s just a fluctuation and it’s temporary. Keep taking those little babies, they will bring back hormonal balance and menopause relief.

But don’t take my word for it, EstroG-100™ is clinically proven to ease menopause symptoms, and proven to be safe with no side effects.

And in case you’re wondering, EstroG-100™ has no estrogen or phytoestrogens in it. What does it contain and how does it work? I’ll let you read all about that here.

keep calm its just a fluctuation

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