How To Use Shake It Off® – A real life example

Shake It Off in the Kitchen

Shake It Off®, our nutritional shake for weight management is finally here, and with some helpful resources too.

Like me, many of you would have taken a protein drink before to lose or maintain weight, and you will be able to incorporate our formulation – Shake It Off – in the diet or healthy eating plan you are currently on. Shake It Off® can be used with a Standard Plan, Ketogenic Diet or a low carb diet, the Paleo Plan, the Intermittent Eating Plan et al.

But for some of you this will be your first time and you’ll want to know in what way you can use Shake It Off®.

The four golden rules of the Shake It Off® Weight Management Plan:

  1. planning your meals
  2. the best foods to eat
  3. food or (substances) to avoid and why
  4. when to eat and how much to eat.

How do you combine Shake It Off® nutritional shake into your daily routine in order to maintain your current weight levels or lose weight?

This is how I use it:

  • By and large I eat three meals a day (the Standard Plan).
  • I have a small breakfast (usually a couple of boiled eggs), so I add a serving of Shake It Off® (in my shaker) to my breakfast which gives it more substance so I stay fuller for longer.

boiled eggs

  • Once I’ve mixed Shake It Off® in my shaker, I pour it into a reusable portable ‘coffee’ cup with a lid. I eat my eggs and slowly sip Shake It Off®. Often I’m not finished by the time I’ve finished my eggs so my Shake It Off® goes into the car cup holder and off to work I go still drinking my shake.
  • You don’t have to sip it slowly like I do, some people drink their shakes a lot quicker and that’s fine too.
  • Lunch for me at the moment often consists of sushi or a salad spinach wrap, I don’t take Shake It Off® with lunch.
  • I find I get the munchies about 3pm ‘ish and this is when, in the past, I typically reached for not so good choices after I pick my boys up from school.
  • Now I have Shake It Off® I’ll mix up another shake and quietly sip it slowly as we get through the after school routine with homework and guiding my boys to do chores – firewood, cooking, washing – yes, my young lads are doing some cooking and washing!
  • Dinner time is next. At the moment I’m having a normal meal with a small amount of carbs – usually things like orange kumara, and yams. I’ll have a moderate amount of meat and a heap of vegetables in proportion to the rest.
  • If I feel like picking food after tea I’ll have my third Shake It Off®.

salad wrap


  • If I’m not hungry at 3pm I’ll have my second Shake It Off® just before dinner. I then don’t feel as hungry and don’t overeat.
  • At the moment this routine is preventing me from gaining weight. It’s helping me maintain my weight and sometimes lose small amounts of weight from week to week.
  • If I was motivated to lose weight more quickly I would make sure I always have three shakes a day and I wouldn’t eat any processed carbs. I’d be having a salad for lunch with no wrap, I wouldn’t be having kumara and yams or other ‘heavy’ carbs at dinner time – I’d be having more green vegetables instead (it’s amazing how much energy you get from greens).


Protein is king and is used to build tissue, skin, organs and muscles so if we don’t get enough our body will suffer. It’s fantastic for losing weight because it increases metabolism and reduces your appetite (much more than fat and carbs).

When you are taking a protein shake like Shake It Off® it’s a good idea to weigh your meats and other proteins you eat during the day to get an idea of the amount you are ingesting.

There are many different opinions of optimal protein amounts (who knew?!) but the general consensus is that to lose weight, protein should ideally make up 30-35% of your caloric intake and let carbs and fat make up the rest. One serve of Shake It Off

One serve of Shake It Off® contains 12g of protein. A general rule of thumb is if you’re a woman at a healthy weight, don’t exercise much, and don’t lift weights 46-75g of protein daily is optimal. (Government recommendations tend to weigh in on the low side).

For weight loss grams can be higher which is why we tend to use a percentage of calories number. You can calculate this by multiplying your calorie (kilojoule) intake by 0.075.

Carbs and Fats

The important thing with carbohydrates and fats are the type and quality you’re choosing. Good fats like avocado, olive oil, flaxseed oil, butter and unprocessed, complex carbs like kumara, yams, uncut rolled oats.

In our Shake It Off® weight management guide we talk about food quantities and measuring them in terms of handfuls. After weighing your food initially you’ll get know how much a handful of food weighs.

So in summary, to lose weight:

  • Take Shake It Off® 3 times a day*
    • either with meals (so you don’t eat as much) or
    • as a meal replacement (morning tea, afternoon tea or supper) or
    • a combination of the two.
  • Eat 30-35% of your caloric/kilojoule intake in protein a day (this includes Shake It Off® protein).
  • Masses of green leafy vegetables tend to help with weight loss in mid-life, our bodies thrive on the fibre and nutrients.
  • Daily moderate exercise of 30 minutes is always good for your health.

Finally, Shake It Off® is not a magic bullet. However, it is a formulation like no other nutritional shake on the market.

Personal commitment to a healthy diet including Shake It Off®, moderate exercise (not excessive) and lifestyle changes will see the results you are striving for.

*Taking Shake It Off® three times a days provides your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

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