Meet Roanne Jacobson – the designer behind our Saben bag competition.

As you know one lucky Meno-She is going to win the gorgeous Tilly Crossbody bag from Saben this month. You lucky, lucky things!

Tilly Crossbody bag by Saben
The Tilly Crossby bag by Saben

We wangled five minutes with Saben’s founder and designer Roanne Jacobson.

You’ve been in business for a while haven’t you Roanne? When did you start Saben?

Seventeen years ago, I finally admitted I was running a business and incorporated it. But it was about 20 yrs ago that I started making bags in my parents’ garage.

We read on your website that you’re an artist too – did that come first, before the handbags?

Art was my first love, it was painting to be specific. I still believe I am creating art, it’s just three dimensional and wearable.

How did Saben come about?

As all things do, necessity. I was living in New York and unable to afford the beautiful things I was seeing, so I started making my own.

How did you come up with the name Saben?

Saben was my grandmother Sarah’s maiden name. She was so witty and loving and a very skilled seamstress. We had a special bond and spending time with her and her walk-in-wardrobe was formative.

What do you think defines style for women over 40?

Roanne Jacobson

Good design is timeless, so invest in pieces you love that are beautifully designed and good quality.

Would you have any tips for the ladies (and for wearing the Tilly Crossbody bag)

The Tilly crossbody has been designed for versatility, it’s the original wearable wallet. Wear it crossbody, over the shoulder or clutch it for an evening look. It will fit all your essentials and more so you can even use it as an organizer inside a tote.

As a businesswoman, wife and mother how do you juggle it all?

Honestly, I rely on my team. A very clever man once told me to hire my weaknesses. So I did and I have a wonderful team of clever, creative and generous women.

What do you do to keep your balance and energy levels up?

I walk as much as I can, I even bought a dog so I would get dragged away from the desk at least once a day.

What’s your best self-care tip?

Find time for yourself.

Thank you, Roanne. It was great spending time with you.


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