What is Meno-Pay™?

Meno-Pay™ is a payment service Meno-Me® offers to it’s customers for selected goods through our Online Store.

Shop online for selected products at Meno-Me®.

Contact us to arrange your personal Meno-Pay™ plan interest free and no fees* ever (*unless you default on payment).

0508 Meno-Me (0508 63 66 63), Email:

Ultimate Midlife Weight & Wellbeing Programme or Subscription

Buy now pay later! Get started now, pay your first 25% from your debit or credit card. Get your product (*excluding Elvie) sent right away. Then pay the rest off 25% at a time every week.


We offer the option of easy lay-by instalments for Elvie. Get started now, pay your first 25% from your debit/credit card, or internet banking, then pay the rest over time as per your personal plan set-up with Meno-Me®. Once you have paid for Elvie in full we will send you the product. You can change your mind at anytime for a full refund before we send Elvie.

How does Meno-Pay™ work?

It’s easy. Just contact us and ask for Meno-Pay™. The first time you use Meno-Pay™, we need some details from you (name, date of birth, address and driver licence number) so we can do a quick identification and credit assessment. If it’s all approved, you agree to the instalment plan and Meno-Pay™ takes the first instalment. You also need to be over 18.

Sorry I was late for one of my instalment payments – how do I fix it?

No problem please contact us

I’ve got a good excuse for my late payment, can we talk about that default fee?

Sure, get in touch by emailing Meno-Pay™ at

How do returns work?

Returns are agreed between you and Meno-Me® in accordance with Meno-Me®‘s terms and conditions.

Meno-Pay™ – payment service Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Use

General Terms

  1. Meno-Pay™ is an instalment payment service offered by Meno-Me®.
  2. Fees – there are no fees* applicable to you for using the Meno-Pay™ service. (*Some fees may apply if you default on payment).
  3. Payment – you will pay the costs as detailed on the Tax Invoice by the due dates specified on the Tax Invoice. Failure to pay any payment by the due date may result in the account being passed to a debt collection agency for collection. All commissions, legal costs and all other costs associated with collection will be added to your account and you agree will be recoverable in full from you.
  4. Ownership of the goods detailed in the Tax Invoice shall at all times remain with the Meno-Me® until full payment is received.
  5. Credit criteria and credit checks may apply to the use of the Meno-Pay™ service.
  6. The Meno-Pay™ payment service is available for online only purchases through Meno-Me® website.
  7. The Meno-Pay™ service may only be used for online purchases for selected products.
  8. Meno-Pay™ can not be used in conjunction with discount coupons or other discount initiatives or giveaways by Meno-Me®
  9. The Meno-Me® Point Rewards are not applicable when paying with Meno-Pay™
  10. You must be over 18 at the time of your purchase in order to be able to use the Meno-Pay™ service.
  11. Meno-Pay™ is only available to New Zealand & Australian residents.
  12. In order to use the Meno-Pay™ payment service, you must have a current New Zealand Driver’s Licence and a New Zealand debit or credit card. If you do not have either of these, please contact Meno-Me® directly to discuss further options.
  13. Any refunds made by Meno-Me® will be made to the card that you used to pay for your goods. Refer to Meno-Me® terms and conditions for further information.