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We are open online and delivering.

How are you doing amid this chaotic world we’re living in at the moment? As if you’re not dealing with enough navigating the challenges peri/menopause can present now we’ve got the panic and fear surrounding COVID-19.

The impact of the coronavirus has come on so rapidly and had such an effect on the world it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. We always endeavour to understand and support our community’s mental and emotional health as much as your physical wellbeing because a women’s midlife journey is impacted by all of these elements. A global pandemic and all of its ramifications is going to be especially tough on many of you particularly if you’re battling peri/menopause signs like anxiety, depression, panic attacks and dark times.

We’ve shared an informative video below that lends a balanced view to the pandemic so please do have a listen. In addition, there are links to some other incredible medical professionals who are working hard to keep us informed. Bypassing urban myths and getting the facts right can allay some of the concerns.

Our inboxes are flooded with notes, updates, and news about the coronavirus, it’s hard to escape it and in a way, it adds to the chaos. At the same time, it’s useful and as a responsible – and let’s not forget caring – business we want to let you know that we’ve taken advice from the Ministry of Health and put some procedures in place to ensure we’re adhering to protocol and protecting you, our valued community, as well as the team from the spread of the virus. All members of the MenoMe® team are working from their homes.

For your peace of mind, our products are manufactured in a certified New Zealand pharmaceutical factory with strict hygiene and quality control procedures and our distribution centre is fully equipped with hospital-grade face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser which we use when packing your orders for delivery.

The best part about us being an online business is that we will always be transparent with you about our practices, it enables you to shop from the safety and comfort of your own home and we will deliver to your designated address of choice. We use CourierPost in New Zealand and Australia Post in Australia via New Zealand Post.

CourierPost has announced new procedures to help ensure everyone concerned is safe and protected from a delivery point of view. Click here to read what they’ve put in place. And Australia Post’s delivery drivers are under strict instructions to keep their distance. You can read about that here.

New Zealand Post have advised flights are still going to Australia but there may be delays due to a backlog in Auckland. If you’re concerned about running out of supplies get in touch with us and we can arrange to add extra bottles to your orders or bring your subscriptions forward to allow more time for delivery.

We always encourage ways for you to stay in touch with us – and it’s even more important now as people are self-isolating and being encouraged to limit travel and keep a social distance. We’re always open to talking, engaging and supporting you and we realise that for those experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, levels might be heightened right now so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can do this in a variety of ways: Facebook, Instagram, our website, and email or phone Jennifer on +64 22 058 8962. And you may not know about our private Facebook group – 40+ Goddesses – which has over 600 members. Now maybe the perfect time for you to join us there and talk about anything that is on your mind menopause (or coronavirus) related.

Jennifer (our resident health advisor and certified integrative health coach for 40+ women), has been researching COVID-19 in-depth and suggests we boost our immunity with vitamins A, C, D3, and zinc, and ensure our gut is healthy.

If you’re taking 55+ it’s already giving you a dose of vitamin D3 as well as Enzogenol® pine bark extract. We include Enzogenol® in 55+ for brain and heart health but it’s also shown to be great for your gut health. And it’s worth noting that the herbs we use in the EstroG-100™ in 40+ and 55+ to help with hormone balance – Cynanchum wilfordii, Phlomus umbrosa and Angelica gigas Nakai – help with nervousness, sleep issues and strengthen your immunity as well.

The very best way to cleanse your hands is with an inexpensive bar of soap and water. According to the ‘nanogirl’, Dr Michelle Dickinson, it’s all down to the polar molecules in soap which are either hydrophilic (love water) or hydrophobic (hate water). To put it simplistically, the hydrophobic molecules love fat; the outside of the virus is covered by two coatings of fat, the hydrophobic molecules in the soap drill a hole in the fat of the virus and it’s destroyed. Click here to see the nanogirl explaining this on 7 Sharp.

An update from Jayne Kiely, checking in on all our lovely women:

Other Balanced Information

Dr Lissa Rankin. Click here.
Dr Aviva Romm. Click here.

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