My 40+ Journey

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In this piece, I’m telling you how adding 40+ to your daily regime really feels (for me anyway)!

I’m Perimenopausal

I’m in my late 40s and just beginning my menopause journey but I’ve been taking 40+ daily for over three years now. I mainly take it to help me sleep and, for me, 40+ started working in two days. I went from not being able to go to sleep for hours to going to sleep within minutes in just two days.

These days I wake up feeling fresh, able to train for my crazy swimming, cycling and running events, run my business and look after my young family.

young family

Photo: My family – three boys and hubby out fishing on a lovely South Taranaki day.

Bumps on the road

After a year of taking 40+, I had a couple of weeks where I didn’t sleep as well, but I came right. Two years later the same thing happened, but after a week or two I settled down and slept well again. The common denominator in both instances was the middle of summer.

After 2.5 years, in the middle of May 2017, I started experiencing night sweats and my temperature regulation was all over the place during the day – I guess it’s what is often called hot flushes. This lasted two to three weeks.

During this time I continued taking 40+ and these symptoms passed as well. I’m now back to normal again. (Actually, I quite enjoyed this time as it really cemented for me that I am at this life stage. It got me thinking as I remembered an article my colleague Leigh wrote on the Gift of Menopause about keeping healthy).


In my role at MenoMe® I talk to a lot of women about their menopause symptoms and our product. From those conversations I suspect some women may be expecting 40+ to ‘cure’ their menopause or flat line their symptoms, but let’s remember firstly that menopause can’t be cured because it’s not a disease (it’s a natural life stage all women go through) and secondly our hormones have a cyclical nature of peaks and troughs.

40+ is designed to balance hormonal fluctuations over time and ease meno symptoms.

I’ve noticed that for some women who are taking 40+ the results can be quite profound (all of their symptoms are gone in a few days), and for others the effects are more subtle – they may not have had too many troubling symptoms in the first place, but report feeling better over-all – a sense of calmness. One customer emailed me recently after her latest order saying, “I was just thinking how pleased I am to have these little things (40+) in my life…!! Lol”.

take early action

Some women experience wonderful results for the first three to six months and then write to us saying they are getting hot flushes again. This is an example (like my own experience), of hormones fluctuating. Continued use of 40+ will see the symptoms settle down again.

Other women don’t see results until they’ve been taking 40+ for two to three months. For those who persevere the results are worth it.

During the three bumps in the road I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I could have thought, “bummer it’s not working anymore”, stopped taking 40+ and moved onto something else. However, I will never stop taking 40+, I understand how it works read more here on how 40+ works), and I know it’s doing me good.

Apart from getting great sleep, no night sweats and no hot flushes – I realised the other day how great I’m feeling – happy, energetic, and healthy. Loving life!

My message

If you’re trying 40+ give it at least three months to reap the rewards. If you’ve been taking it for a while and your symptoms have popped back, keep calm it’s just a fluctuation and it’s temporary. Keep taking those little babies, they will bring back hormonal balance and menopause relief.

But don’t take my word for it, 40+ is clinically proven to ease menopause symptoms, and demonstrated that its safe with no side effects.

And in case you’re wondering, 40+ has no estrogen in it. What does it contain and how does it work? I’ll let you read all about that here.

Cheers from this happy, healthy corner 😊

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