Everything You Need To Know About Menopause – eBook

You’ve heard of it, you even think you might be close to it, but what exactly is menopause?

Let us take you by our modern hand and give you back your power as we guide you through exactly what you need to know in this beautifully crafted 35-page eBook.

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Menopause is a universal female experience and refers to the time when a woman’s reproductive years come to an end. It’s estimated that 25 million women globally go through it each year.

Menopause begins with perimenopause and culminates when ladies enter a new stage in their lives as their periods end known as post-menopause. This is why it’s often called ‘the change’ or the ‘change of life’.

In popular culture, the subject of menopause is still relatively taboo so women can find themselves completely blindsided by the arrival of perimenopause. Until it rears its head they may have only held – perhaps – a vague awareness to expect a few hot flushes in the distant future.

But there are 34 recognised symptoms of perimenopause we should be aware of as we move into our 40s.

In this eBook we guide you through exactly what you need to know.


  1. What is menopause?
  2. The definition of menopause
  3. What happens during menopause?
  4. The stages of menopause
  5. How long will the menopausal years last?
  6. What to expect during menopause
  7. What to expect emotionally
  8. Symptoms of perimenopausal depression
  9. What to expect physically
  10. What to expect mentally
  11. Relief through menopause
  12. Foods containing phytoestrogens
  13. Two main forms of exercise
  14. Supplements
  15. The signs & symptoms of menopause
  16. What’s happening as you enter perimenopause?
  17. The menopause numbers
  18. Know the 34 symptoms of menopause
  19. Physical symptoms of menopause
  20. Psychological symptoms of menopause
  21. What can you do about your menopause symptoms experience?
  22. When to see a doctor
  23. You don’t have to go it alone
  24. Six wellness pillars
  25. Menopause frequently asked questions
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