Smoothie Recipe’s

FREE smoothie recipe e-book, to make with Shake it Off® weight management drink.



  • 9 yummy recipes
  • nutritionally good for you
  • guilt-free

We’re so excited to bring you Shake It Off® to help you avoid being ‘hangry’ (angry with hunger) during your weight loss journey. Shake It Off® is not just a nutritional shake it’s also a powerful multi-vitamin offering you – what we like to call – nutritional insurance.

To complement Shake It Off® we have designed the Shake It Off® Smoothie recipe e-book. These smoothie recipes are tried and tested and yummy. They’re super simple – for most of them all you need is an inexpensive blender to whizz and go.

They’re nutritionally good for you and pretty much guilt-free, although the Lemon & Coconut Bites are a treat. A heavenly treat, but a treat all the same. One or two is fine, but it’s so tempting to have more!


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