Struggling with Menopause? Feeling like you have lost your normal life? It’s now official... estroG-100™

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Weight Management Guide


The Shake It Off® Weight Management Guide includes advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes which take personal commitment to be effective.

In this FREE e-guide, we share 4 golden rules to help you in your weight management journey with Shake it Off®.

The change of life can be The Time of Your Life®!

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Shake It Off® is not a diet, but a weight management plan that has been developed based on the needs of women wanting to maintain a healthy weight and a slim shape for life. It has been created by a nutritional biochemist based on the latest nutrition science and the principles are compatible with many of the most popular diet programs available today.

The Shake it Off® Weight Management Guide is a complement to Shake it Off® – a delicious nutritional drink that has been specifically formulated for women in menopause to help support healthy weight management.

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