The Ultimate Midlife Weight & Wellbeing Subscription

From: $69.00 / week

Package includes:

  • A 9-page Weight Management Programme
  • A 12-page eBook The Four Golden Rules of Weight Loss
  • A 2-page Quick Reference Food Guide
  • 11, 21 and 35 – day subscription options
  • Shake It Off® nutritional drink
  • EstroG-100™ herbal menopause support (30 day subscription only)
  • A Smoothie Recipe book
  • FREE shipping

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Weight loss? Is it something you think about? Is it a challenge for you?

Well, no more! Da da.

We’re excited to bring you our New Year New You Midlife Weight & Wellbeing programme.

The programme is designed to help you manage your weight in a healthy way with lots of delicious, nutritious food and no deprivation or hunger. We’ve outlined portion sizes, key nutrients and food categories and lists of optimum foods so you can choose from your favourites.

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It’s why we formulated Shake It Off®.  To help you avoid being ‘hangry’ (angry with hunger) and so you have an easy way to dose your body up with protein and lots of vitamins. Shake It Off® is not just a nutritional shake it’s also a powerful multi-vitamin offering you – what we like to call – nutritional insurance.

In addition, Shake It Off® has been designed to wage war on:

  • The pesky blood sugar spikes that can result in the production of fat along with unwanted weight gain.
  • That uncomfortable feeling in your gut that comes from a sluggish digestive system.
  • A restrictive lack of energy.
  • Diminishing bone strength that could lead to osteoporosis. Strong bones are where it’s at ladies.
  • Thinning skin – a thick skin is helpful in more ways than one.
  • Dry, coarse hair – bring on the lustrous locks we say.
  • Declining cognition – let’s keep our minds bright, agile and alert.

We put together the weight management programme and formulated Shake It Off® to help women just like you to take control of their weight issues. It’s natural for women to gain some weight during menopause, the trick is not to let it get out of control. Read the pages and set your goals.

If you’re having trouble getting cravings under control, finding it difficult to stay motivated, have dieted and failed in the past and are lacking confidence or need someone to hold your hand we have solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.

Combine Shake it Off® with EstroG-100™ for the ultimate midlife weight & wellbeing package.

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Package Frequency

30 day subscription incl. EstroG-100, 21 day subscription, 7 day subscription


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