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VitaminKIWI® Information

When estrogen levels drop in menopause, the resulting hormone imbalance can impact the population and function of bacteria in your gut. This can lead to symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, wind, constipation, diarrhoea, or nausea.

New Zealand green kiwifruit are an excellent source of healthy nutrients including digestive enzymes, soluble fibre and antioxidants.

The inclusion of the skin is a vital aspect as this is where many of the valuable antioxidants reside.

Each VitaminKIWI® capsule delivers the same levels of digestive enzymes, soluble fibre and antioxidants as one whole New Zealand green kiwifruit, including the skin and seeds.

VitaminKIWI® capsules are encapsulated in gelatin-free vege caps then packed into glass amber jars to minimise heat and light and preserve the active components.

VitaminKIWI® – The Vitality of New Zealand.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are natural compounds found in food that work to break down what we eat, making it usable by our bodies.

The digestive enzyme present in kiwifruit is known as actinidin. It is a proteolytic enzyme that assists in the digestion of proteins such as animal and milk proteins that are difficult to digest.

Each VitaminKIWI® capsule contains the same amount of actinidin as is found in one whole New Zealand green kiwifruit including the skin and seeds.

Soluble Fibre

New Zealand green kiwifruit are an excellent source of soluble fibre which plays an important role in health.

Soluble fibre can assist with the formation of a healthy stool as well as helping it move through the digestive tract at a good pace.

Each VitaminKIWI® capsule provides the equivalent amount of soluble fibre as is found in one whole New Zealand green kiwifruit including the skin and seeds.


Kiwifruit are packed full of vital nutrients particularly the skin and seeds which contain high levels of antioxidants.

VitaminKIWI® is a 100% natural whole-fruit supplement, containing the goodness of the skin, flesh and seeds of New Zealand green kiwifruit.

As a result, VitaminKIWI® contains a complex mixture of phenolic antioxidants including hydrocinnamic acid derivatives and proanthocyanins.

VitaminKIWI® Ingredients

Each capsule contains:

New Zealand green kiwifruit flesh 250mg
New Zealand green kiwifruit extract 125mg

1 review for VitaminKIWI®

  1. Chris Fowler (verified owner)

    This has really helped with gut health and is gentle on my body. I love the fact that vitamin kiwi is natural and easy to take. Great when traveling too, being Kiwifruit in a capsule rather than frozen.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Thank you so much for sharing Chris, we are thrilled to hear you are doing well with VitaminKIWI.

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.