Strawberry & Vanilla Mojito Mocktail

A long, cool mojito is just the thing when the heat is on. This could be a goody for you for Christmas Day and summer ‘do’s’ too.

Just because we should be avoiding alcohol (it tends to muck with our hormones during the meno years) doesn’t mean we should miss out.

This was the long-awaited, non-alcoholic mojito recipe I’d yet to try and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Nothing beats strawberries right? Add all the sparkle and zest of lemon and mint and this wee cocktail was so darned good I drank two of them in the test kitchen! The good news is it fits right in with watching waistlines.

A long, cool mojito is just the thing when the heat is on. Click To Tweet


  • 1 C strawberries
  • 1 C sparkling water
  • 1 generous handful chopped mint leaves (according to taste)
  • Juice of 1 lime or lemon
  • Zest of 1 lime or lemon
  • Optional: 1-2 scoops of your fave protein powder if you feel you need a hit.


  • Ice
  • Garnish with strawberry, mint leaves or a lemon/lime wedge

To make:

Hull the strawberries, chop the mint, grate and squeeze the lemon and mix together.

So easy.

Main image via Pexels with thanks.

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