Testimonies from some of our happy customers

Find out how 40+ (containing 100% EstroG-100™)* is changing lives around New Zealand

Alleviated symptoms without side effects

This product has greatly alleviated many of my symptoms without side effects.

EstroG-100 has not only helped me feel more comfortable it has has also restored my energy levels, reduced the fatigue, hot flushes, irritability and anxiety. Although I have only used it for a relatively short period of time it has been the first ‘natural’ product which has continued to provide outstanding relief for more than 3 months. I have tried a range including Wellspring, Remifemin etc which were only temporary solutions.

I would recommend it to any woman seeking an alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy. Outstanding service from Meno-Me and will be a longterm customer. (* See disclaimer below).

Judy, Hawkes Bay

Top of my game

EstroG-100* is a daily habit for me.

An early morning glass of water to activate my digestive system and EstroG-100 to balance my body. I wouldn’t be without it. My mind is calm at two in the morning and I am pretty good at regulating my temperature now. I don’t have that strange sense of being out of sync. You know that feeling of hopelessness that comes from getting enough sleep but still being tired, from eating well and exercising but still feeling sluggish. If you are reading this then you are at least inquiring into menopause so while I have your attention consider this:

Menopause is a really unsettling concept for many of us. Like puberty it brings about a multitude of changes including physical, physiological and social. Young women usually between 12 and 16 experience this change as they go through intermediate and high school together. Surrounded by friends and classmates they reflect and adapt to the new normal for their bodies and lives ahead.

Unlike puberty, menopause usually surfaces sometime between turning 35 and reaching 55 and lasts for as long as it wants. It is not something we girls are going through together. Maybe that is why so many women miss the indicators and just put up with the little niggles that life seems to be weighing them down with.

So here is a sound bite I play each morning as I drink that first glass of water, “I need to be at the top of my game today and EstroG helps me stay there.” (* See disclaimer below).

Linda from Auckland

Safe for me to take

Not only have my hot flushes stopped* but a noticeable improvement in joint stiffness and soreness as well.

I stopped taking it for a few weeks and started waking with aches and pains again. I love that this is a natural product and safe for me to take having had hormone receptive BC. Being thrown into menopause at 44 it is great to have my life back at 50! (* See disclaimer below).

Tracey, Thames

Life is so much better

After being on HRT for many years for hot flushes, I weaned myself off but had all sorts of things going on.

I tried to convince my Dr at the time it was hormonal related. After changing Drs I was put on a mild anti-depressant that helped the hot flushes for a while. I then decided to come off these and try a natural product and found EstroG 100. Am on to my second month* and life is so much better, hot flushes are going and my weight is coming down, sleeping better. Thanks Meno-me I will be continuing with your product. (* See disclaimer below).

Denize, Rotorua

Anxiousness and fatigue has subsided

The lack of sleep caused by between 7-9 hot flushes during the night was the worst of my menopausal symptoms.

After a few years of taking Ovestin (hysterectomy at 35) and various other remedies that didn’t seem to make much difference at all I felt ready to give anything a try. I changed to a mini-pill and have been using EstroG-100 for 6 months. It did take a few weeks* for the symptoms to improve but now, the anxiousness and fatigue has subsided and I feel I have so much more energy. The night hot flushes are now infrequent and I sleep more soundly than I have for years. (* See disclaimer below).

Jenny, Manaia

Solution to my hot flushes

I was in desperate need for a solution to my hot flushes!

I was happy to learn that I was chosen to receive a free bottle through the competition although I wasn’t sure about the product because of my medical condition (COPD). I enquired about the ingredients and was assured that I would not have any problems with my COPD medication! I couldn’t wait for EstroG to arrive. All it took was 11 days* for the capsules to work! I’m am very happy with the product and definitely recommend for any one to try it! No more hot flushes and I’m a happy women. (* See disclaimer below).

Jennifer, North Shore

EstroG-100™ really works

“I feel like I am in my 30’s again.”

This EstroG product really works. I feel like I am in my 30’s again.

I’ve tried other tablets for menopause and they gave me diarrhoea but no problems at all with these ones.

My doctor even commented that I am looking so healthy.

I have noticed an improvement in the rosacea redness in my face, and also my hands used to be cold but now they are warm. It is marvellous.

My husband says I’m not cranky any more!! (* See disclaimer below).

Glenys from Lepperton

Night sweats decreased dramatically

“Within 10 days the night sweats had decreased dramatically”

I have been using natural remedies for the past 30 years and was delighted when my BFF Tracey told me about Meno-Me and EstroG-100.

I had just started experiencing hot flushes but the night sweats were taking their toll. I spent all night throwing the blankets off, pulling back on, throwing off, pulling on…

I tried EstroG-100 and within 10 days* the night sweats had decreased dramatically and I occasionally have a hot moment during the day.

Life has thrown me a few stressful tests lately and I have dealt with them in a calm manner (not my usual way of dealing with life’s tests, hormonal or not!!).

Cheers Meno-Me and EstroG-100. Xxx (* See disclaimer below).

Sandra from Taumaranui

Noninvasive way to cope

“It’s fantastic to find a noninvasive way to cope”

I have noticed an almost immediate* improvement in peri menopausal symptoms since taking EstroG-100™ and have been recommending it to friends.

It’s fantastic to find a noninvasive way to cope and has given me a new outlook on life!!! (* See disclaimer below).

Sally from Tauranga

Changed my life

“EstroG-100 by Meno-Me changed my life”

From nowhere came the hot flushes which were happening every ten minutes, these along with the lack of sleep soon had me asking for advice in the form of something natural to help.

I tried many different brands some helped but only for a very short time, I was then introduced to EstroG-100™ by Meno-Me, this changed my life.

Within 4 weeks I was not suffering any hot flushes and my sleep was once again normal. I have recommended it to many of my friends and they have all also experienced great success. (* See disclaimer below).

Rose from Tauranga

This is a great product

I stumbled across EstroG-100… and it’s the best thing EVER!

I wasn’t sleeping, I was waking up tired and grumpy, I had aches and pains, the pain in my legs was SO bad. I couldn’t sleep on my side I had to go to sleep on my back and then I’d wake up and I’d be awake for ages!… I only had slight hot flushes ( lucky there!…lol ) but now I’m not having any!!.. for me it started working in 2 nights*!

Thanks to the lovely Dee at Meno-me I’m now on the right track!… Dee is just SO lovely and helpful an awesome lady! Thanks again for the support Dee

This is a great product I am now going to be getting my 5th bottle soon thanks again Dee and the team at Men-o me (* See disclaimer below).

Joanne, Tauranga

Natural, effective alternative

Somewhere in the middle of hot sweats and hormonal swings, I finally realised I was experiencing peri-menopause symptoms – and not coping very well…

I was delighted to find EstroG 100 – which, even if was only half as good as its claim, would be a revelation! Happy to report within two weeks, sweats were gone, reduced joint pain and hormones back on an even keel. Very grateful to find a natural, effective alternative that is safe to take and the only side effects are positive ones! (* See disclaimer below).

Karen, Katikati

* Disclaimer – EstroG-100™ has been rebranded to 40+. It’s still exactly the same product so many women know, love and trust – we’ve just given it a different name. The time it takes to experience improvements from taking 40+ (containing 100% EstroG-100™) is variable. Based on our clinical trials some women feel improvements within 6 weeks. However, in our experience most women notice an improvement within 4 weeks and some in as little as a week, or less. Very few have reported no noticeable improvements. No two women are the same, results will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed.