Viv’s Aware of Postmenopause Body

What does this mean for her?

Viv is aware of her post menopause body

Postmenopausal for the rest of your life!

Viv is 58 and had her last period at age 55. So she has been postmenopausal for 3 years and is noticing the signs of menopause subsiding. While she welcomes this, she is aware of her postmenopausal body being very different to the one she knew pre menopause.

She hates that she has a band of belly fat that just won’t move, that she battles with low energy and that her cholestorol levels are out of control. She has been told she will be described and defined as postmenopausal for the rest of her life. She fears it’s all downhill from here…

Menopause is the gateway to healthy aging

The estrogen deficiency that marks the start of the menopause cycle, puts women in postmenopause like Viv at a higher risk of developing certain health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

To Viv, this feels like the beginning of the end. She doesn’t see menopause as the gateway to aging healthily and happily.

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