What Is EstroG-100™?

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What is EstroG-100™? We’re so glad you asked!

EstroG-100™ is the name of the trio of herbal root extracts we use in 40+ and 55+ to help balance your hormones.

The threesome includes a sage-like herb (Phlomus Umbrosa), a form of milkweed (Cynanchum Wilfordii) and Angelica (Angelica Gigas Nakai – also known as Dong Quai in Chinese medicine).

3 root herbs of EstroG-100

Discovered by a Korean doctor, Dr Jae Kim, the secret’s in the blend. Dr Kim tested over 70 herbs both together and alone before he discovered the combination of these three created amazing results. We think it’s a bonus that they’ve been used in Eastern medicine for many hundreds of years too.

After all of those painstaking hours in the lab, Dr Kim had the blend he created scientifically tested which takes many more hours of work (and thousands of dollars). That’s why we’re so sold on EstroG-100™ because the science doesn’t lie. It revealed how safe it is and how effective the blend is in supporting women during pre-menopause, perimenopause, and post-menopause.

The scientific studies showed a 62 percent improvement in:

Another bonus from the testing showed it helped improve bone mineral density, something that we all benefit from as declining estrogen and age affects our bones.

Bonus? Some of the results also showed an improvement in skin texture and hydration.

What’s the difference between 40+ and 55+?

MenoMe 40+ and 55+
Our two heroines


The 40+ formula contains EstroG-100™ only and works with our body’s metabolism to naturally balance estrogen.

Estrogen can go through massive highs and lows during the transition to post-menopause which is why we recommend 40+ for perimenopause. That said. 55+ is also good during perimenopause as it offers extra support for crucial organs such as our heart, brain and bones.


We’ve added additional ingredients to the EstroG-100™ in 55+: Enzogenol® pine bark extract, marine magnesium and vitamin D3.

We did this because while EstroG-100™ takes care of hormonal balance from perimenopause through to post-menopause, a whole raft of other health issues can raise their head once we get through the transition including osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Estrogen is a protectant to many parts of our bodies. For example, the lack of it post-menopause means our bones become less sturdy and we become vulnerable to osteoporosis (porous bone). In fact we lose bone mass two to four times faster post-menopause. In addition, we become more at risk of heart disease, cognitive impairment and dementia. Plus estrogen gives us ‘juice’ keeping our joints lubricated and…yep…our vagina.

Many folk around the world are deficient in magnesium and vitamin D3. And that applies to all ages.

We took all that into account when formulating 55+ with Enzogenol®, marine magnesium and vitamin D3 to give added support in these areas.

What is Enzogenol®?

Click here to read about the amazing science. 

How long should we take 40+ or 55+ for?

40+ and 55+ are very good friends to have on speed dial for life. We’re women, so we often need hormone balancing! Someone in our community asked recently if they should discontinue using 55+ as they’d been in post-menopause for a while. The answer? No. The best thing would be for it to become one of their life partners from here on in to help with overall health. It’s why our tagline is #experiencefreedom.

MenoMe Experience Freedom

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