Breast pain

A common sign that can develop during menopause...

...most often associated with hormonal changes and imbalances

Sore Breasts

Why does menopause cause breast pain?

Breast pain in women is most often associated with hormonal changes and imbalances, although the exact reason is unclear.

During the hormonal fluctuations of the peri-menopause and menopause, breasts can increase in size. This occurs when the level of the hormone progesterone increases while oestrogen decreases.

The result can be pain and tenderness.

While some women experience breast pain much later in life, in the majority of cases, breast pain settles down shortly after the menopause or when periods stop.

Breast pain is a common sign that can develop during menopause

While breast discomfort during menopause is not usually cause for alarm, it is always a good idea to double check.

Though breast pain is rarely a sign of cancer, speaking with a health professional and ruling out breast cancer can be a great help to put you at ease and to discuss how to manage this sign of menopause.

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