Electric Shock Sensation

It sounds unusual...

...but some women have said they feel an electric shock sensation rather like a ‘snap, crackle and pop’ under their skin.

Electric shock sensation menopause

What causes electric shocks?

Electric shock sensation (ESS) is sometimes described as a feeling of electricity shooting through your body. Although fleeting, ESS often occurs as a precursor to a hot flush and it can be painful and uncomfortable.

Electric shock sensation is not well understood but it’s believed to be related to the brain-estrogen and central nervous system link. So, as estrogen fluctuates and declines during peri/menopause the messages it sends to the brain can be short-circuited.

What can you do to help ease this symptom?

Try and minimise your stress levels by staying active, meditating, practising mindfulness, eating well and deep breathing.

Yoga is a good practise to take up at this time.

Take 40+ or 55+ to help balance your levels of estrogen. We’d highly recommend 55+ for the added benefits of magnesium which helps our nervous system relax. The Enzogenol pine bark extract in 55+ also has calming effects on the brain.

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