Irritability and Feelings of Dread

Often located in the pit of the stomach...

...we can feel dread or apprehension for no apparent reason during menopause.

Irritability and Feelings of Dread Menopause

Why does this happen?

Our progesterone levels decline markedly around 35 years of age, some time before we head into perimenopause. Then as we move into the menopausal transition our ovarian production of estrogen also begins to drop.

While progesterone is a natural relaxant and a calming hormone (often called Nature’s Valium), estrogen works with the brain and the central nervous system and regulates the stress hormone cortisol.

Lower levels of estrogen lead to higher cortisol levels.

It creates a perfect storm for anxiety which can also pave the way for a feeling of dread or doom as high levels of cortisol trigger the amygdala which is the fear centre of the brain and fluctuating hormones can affect the neurotransmitters of the brain.

What can you do to help ease this symptom?

Try to minimise stress as much as possible in your life (a tall order we know!). Take 40+ or 55+ to help keep your estrogen in balance. Mindfulness and meditation have been shown to be helpful during peri/menopause too.

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