Rapid Heart Beat

While this sign gives new meaning to the phrase ‘be still my beating heart’, heart palpitations can be distressing.

Rapid Heart Beat - Menopause

Why do we experience rapid heartbeat?

An erratic heartbeat is quite a common menopausal symptom but it isn’t very well-known and can therefore be very disturbing.

As with so many of the signs and symptoms of peri/menopause the decline of estrogen is usually behind it as lower levels of estrogen have a direct effect on the heart and blood pressure. This causes the stress hormone cortisol to rise and heart palpitations can be one of the by-products of high cortisol.

What can you do to help ease this symptom?

Try and minimise your stress levels by staying active, meditating, practising mindfulness, eating well and deep breathing. Yoga is a good practise to take up at this time. Take 40+ or 55+ to help balance your levels of estrogen.

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