The Symptoms of Peri/Menopause

What are the signs of menopause?

The symptoms of Menopause

The signs and symptoms of menopause can be both physical and psychological. Menopause is not a ‘one size fits’ all process – it affects all women differently.

Some women don’t experience the symptoms of natural menopause at all – lucky them! While for others the symptoms can be intense, especially if menopause has been bought on abruptly due to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

The most well known and common symptom of menopause are hot flushes which are experienced by around 60% of women.

But don’t be fooled in to thinking if you aren’t experiencing them you are not in menopause – there are another 33 documented signs of menopause!

Know the 34 signs of menopause

Here are all of the signs of menopause you need to look out for;

Physical Symptoms

Psychological Symptoms