Numbness in your hands or feet? Could be paresthesis, a sign of menopause.


What is paresthesia?

Paresthesia is often referred to as “tingling extremities” because it is a sensation most often felt in the hands, arms, feet and legs.

It can present itself as a feeling of numbness or the type of sensation referred to as “pins and needles” following pressure on a limb making it “fall asleep”.

It can be an unexpected and irritating symptom of menopause.

Why is paresthesia a symptom of menopause?

Estrogen, one of the primary hormones that is in a state of flux during menopause, has a complex effect on the central nervous system.

When it is thrown off balance during menopause this can affect the nervous system.

Depleted estrogen levels also lead to thinner skin which is more susceptible to cracking and wrinkling.

Weak skin also becomes more sensitive giving way to tingling or numb sensations.