What To Expect On Days 1-21 Of A Weight Loss Journey

Gained Weight?

Have you gained weight recently?
Or have you yo-yoed on the scales for years?

It’s a dilemma for many Meno-She’s. That’s why we created our Weight & Wellness programme. It’s designed to hold your hand as you go through a weight loss transition with guidance, education and nutritional balance. It’s also why we’ve written this post so you can get a handle on how you’ll feel on days 1-21 of a weight loss plan.

There’s no sugar-coating it, losing weight isn’t easy. Those first few days and weeks can be particularly challenging but once you get into the groove you feel so good and look so good it’s addictive!

Our plan is based on whole foods, getting rid of processed foods and our nutritional powder Shake It Off. The programme will help you shed the kilos, sleep better and feel more energised, and that’s gotta be good right?

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We suggest paving the way by cleaning out your pantry and fridge of no-go items and going shopping to stock up on everything you need. Purchase a journal specifically for this time to record all of your plans and prep. Or, if you’re digitally inclined, get one of those folders with the clear pages for inserts to pop all of your printouts into. FYI: If you’re following our course we highly recommend this.

Whatever way you’re choosing to undertake your journey – whether you’re allowing us to partner with you or if you are going it alone, here are some tips on what to expect during those first few weeks.

Day One: Excitement, Enthusiasm & Motivation

You’re psyched and ready to kick off with a bang. Those excess kilos? Out they go, baby. Prep your friends and family and ask for their support so they’re not foisting chocolate or wine on you. That’s a number one way to foil your plans.

Day 2-7: Cravings, Fatigue, Irritability

Once the initial excitement is over that first week can be a bit of a challenge as your body adjusts to your lifestyle changes, and your stomach literally shrinks. It’s really the size of a fist but it expands to accommodate your food load. That’s one of the reasons we developed Shake It Off to help take the edge off your hunger and cravings as well as to deliver all of the nutrition you need. In my experience days 3-6 are the most difficult, so hang in there! Message us if you like 🙂

Days 8-10: Keep Going!

I find this is the time when the temptation is high to throw in the towel. You may have lost a kg or two but you’re finding it toooouuugggghhhh. Don’t quit. Be aware that this is a peak/hump time. f you can make it through you’ll feel so good and your motivation and determination will come back. Again lean on us, or join our 40+ club, and sing out for support.

Days 11-21: You’re On A Roll

Depending on your prior lifestyle, habits, history and how much weight you have to lose you’ll be feeling more comfortable with your new routine. Your sugar and junk food cravings should be gone and have changed to cravings for lots of vegetables and good stuff. You won’t feel so hungry in between eating times, and you may be sleeping better (because your blood sugar is more stable without processed foods) plus your moods ought to be sunnier (without processed food your hormones should be more balanced). Plus you could well have dropped 1.5-3kgs and your clothes will be showing it.

jump for joyNB: If you’re finding it very, very difficult to lose weight you could be insulin resistant which means you will likely not lose weight if you cheat with even one biscuit or bowl of pasta. It can come about from a long history of eating less than well or carrying weight for quite a long time so your body no longer processes insulin as well and carbs and sugars are more easily converted to fat.

If you’ve reached this far in your weight loss journey congratulations you’re on your way to reaching your goals.


Put your hand up in the air, turn it around and pat yourself on the back 🙂

Remember; if you need any help from us just sing out, we’re here for you!

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