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Navy Night (Dark Navy Sole) Tree runners

We’re excited to announce that starting today (26th February) till the end of March you have the opportunity to win! We’ve got a pair of Allbirds Tree Runners up for grabs with every purchase of 40+ and 55+.

All About Allbirds

Allbirds aren’t just any shoe. The business is certified B Corp meaning that the environment is a stakeholder, the company helps communities around the world and the packaging used in 90 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard and serves as a shoebox, shopping bag, and mailer all in one.

In addition, Allbirds shoelaces come from recycled plastic bottles, the shoe soles are made with sugarcane and castor bean oil. They are so clever!

A Kiwi Founder

Founded by a native of New Zealand, Tim Brown, this is what the website says about him:

“Tim was always well versed in the magical qualities of merino wool. Inherently curious, he began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And with that spirit of wonder, the Allbirds journey began. After years of researching and tinkering, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert. Together, they crafted a revolutionary wool fabric made specifically for footwear. The outcome? An entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.”

Don’t you love that? The company is based in San Francisco and the shoes have become a firm favourite with both the ‘it’ crowd, celebs and the rest of us mere mortals. Merina wool was the core fibre used but they’ve now branched out into other materials like those used in the Tree runners playing a starring role at MenoMe this month.

Allbirds Tree Runners


Allbirds call Mother Nature their muse and their Tree fabric comes from – you guessed it! – trees. Here’s the gen:

“Thanks to their [the trees] fibre and a clean closed-loop process, we have a naturally-derived, renewable material that’s much easier on the environment than traditional fabrics. Did we mention it’s also comfortable, breathable, and silky-smooth?

Our tree fiber—TENCEL™ Lyocell—is sourced from South African farms that minimise fertiliser and rely on rainfall, not irrigation. Compared to traditional materials like cotton, it uses 95% less water and cuts our carbon footprint in half.”

FSC Certification

Forest Stewardship Council® certification means Allbirds source materials that meet strict standards to protect forests, and the animals and people who depend on them

So you’re getting the picture right? These are a fabulous pair of shoes to own. Stylish, comfortable and they love the planet, it’s people and it’s animals. What’s not to love?

And because exercise is so key to managing the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause (not too strenuous though) they make a perfect partner for MenoMe 40+ and 55+.

NB: moderate exercise is key at this life stage as over exercising stresses the body and can lead to weight gain and exacerbated signs and symptoms.

Navy Night Dark Navy Sole tree runners

Check out the video below.

For your opportunity to win these Allbirds Tree Runners (Navy Night with Dark Navy Sole), just purchase 40+ or 55+ before midnight on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Good luck! (T’s & C’s apply).

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