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Founded by Angus Brown, Ārepa Nootropics combines nature and neuroscience to create ‘brain food for the modern world’.

SuperPowered Ingredients

Ārepa also uses Enzogenol® such as we use in 55+. And, like us, scientific testing and using the power of nature is important to the brand. The Ārepa formula contains blackcurrant extract aka neuroberry, l-theanine – a rare amino acid found in green tea and Enzogenol®.  Described by Ārepa as “an ultra-pure extract from the bark of New Zealand grown pine trees and a broad-spectrum polyphenol extract containing many different flavonoid compounds Enzogenol® is particularly high in oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) and has exceptional antioxidant properties.”

It’s an incredible brand and offers brain food in the form of drinks, powders and capsules. You can check them out here.

Win, Win, Win

To naturally 😊 sweeten Brain Health month Angus has given us an Ārepa Mental Wellness + Immunity Bundle to give to one of you.

Mental Wellness + Immunity Bundle

It contains a range of Ārepa’s patented plant-based, caffeine-free antioxidant-rich New Zealand made brain food including:

  • 3x Performance Drinks
  • 3x Lite and Sparkling Drinks
  • 1x Freeze Dried Wholefood Nootropic Powder
  • 1x Freeze Dried Neuroberry Blackcurrant
  • 1x Nootropic Capsules

Value – over $160

Lucky you! All of the details are here.

About Ārepa

Ārepa’s ‘two mum’ co-founders – stay tuned for that story 🙂

Angus worked for a large energy drink company before losing two family members to a brain-related illness. This was the impetus for creating a drink that improves mental performance and physical capability when one is fatigued. Now recognised globally, Angus’ co-founded food technology company Ārepa, produces a blackcurrant nootropic drink that studies show works wonders.

Ārepa has ditched the typical caffeine and sugar used to boost mental focus and is working with neuroscientists to create formulas that have a positive effect on the human brain.

Neuroscience Is At The Core

Developed by leading neuroscientist, Professor Andrew Scholey, the smart drink holds unique ingredients including New Zealand blackcurrants and Enzogenol® pine bark extract. Due to New Zealand’s unique climate, the home-grown blackcurrants contain the highest levels of anthocyanins found in any fruit. Referred to as ‘nootropics’, these ingredients are the compounds that support cognitive function.

Does it work?

A recent peer-reviewed and published study conducted by the University of Auckland has proved that drinking Ārepa does, in fact, reduce mental fatigue when you need it the most.

Led by Dr Andrea Braakhuis, the study investigated the benefits of the drink with fatigued athletes and found a statistically significant increase in cognitive function, accuracy and reaction speed, the results of which have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Antioxidants. 

“With growing evidence that anthocyanin-rich New Zealand blackcurrants vastly improve brain functions from clarity to focus, this study is the first to suggest that Ārepa supports optimal cognitive function after fatiguing exercise.”


One of Ārepa’s studies involves scanning the brains of participants using an electroencephalogram machine. The non-invasive technology picks up electrical signals that inform the scientist everything from short term mental performance to long term brain plasticity.

After witnessing mind-blowing results, Brown says the University of Auckland has helped reinforce that he has developed the winning formula.

“From the sports field to the boardroom, mental fatigue is everywhere. There is increasing pressure to ‘be switched on’ and to function at a really high level at all times. Our formula ultimately improves how the mind works, particularly under stress, in this case physical, and has benefits for all types of consumers.

Optimal cognitive function is beneficial for athletes, not only because performance in many sports requires motor control, coordination, decision making, timing and teamwork, but further, it is important in reducing the stress involved with athletic competition.”

Find Ārepa in your local New World Supermarket or Health Store, or search for your nearest stockist at

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