World Menopause Day October 18

World Menopause day

World Menopause Day. We’re right on the cusp of it but a lot of people don’t realise it.

WMD falls on October 18 every year with a goal of raising awareness of menopause and taking a look at different options for improving health and wellbeing. Each year it focuses on a different aspect of the meno years which might be bone health or cardiovascular wellness. Last year it was sexual wellbeing.

It’s what we’re all about here at MenoMe too. Empowering Meno-She’s through knowledge and awareness.

The brainchild of the International Menopause Society (IMS), a UK based organisation, World Menopause Day is focused on testosterone therapy this year. Here’s a link to a helpful downloadable brochure on the subject IMS put out this year. Please do bear in mind that medical availability of certain treatments can be different down under.

Along with estrogen and progesterone, testosterone levels decline during peri and post-menopause. This can lead to a loss of muscle tone and diminished libido (among other things).

We know from ‘speaking’ with you that loss of your sex drive is a big bugbear for you. So we’ve taken a look at that in these articles here and here.

It’s not a big day down under (yet) because we Australasians often take a head-in-the-sand approach to menopause. However, it’s a daily event here at MenoMe® because we’re all about empowering women with knowledge and providing natural, safe solutions as well as a safe base to talk and talk and talk. 😀

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