Menopause check


And we think it’s pretty amazing.

Not so long ago our wonderful team member Leigh stumbled across a kit for testing if you’ve reached menopause.

How handy/useful/clever is that? We don’t know about you, but we could do with it just to check if we’re there yet.

It’s a very simple test as well. We like simple ☺

So, without further ado….DRUM ROLL PLEASE

Introducing the Yes! Menocheck Menopause test.

Yes! Menocheck

Specifically created to test for menopausal hormonal change, the Yes! test is used in exactly the same way as you do a mid-stream urine pregnancy test.

How many times have we run out and got one of those and held on with baited breath to see if it’s negative or positive?

It’s the exact same deal.

Plus it works in three minutes and is 99% accurate.

Brilliant! And it costs under $15. You can get your hands on one here

Meno Musings – It’d be a great gift.

  • For men to urge their loves to find out what the heck’s going on?
  • For women for their perspiring girlfriends?
  • Daughters for their moody mothers?
  • Employees for their grumpy bosses?

Oh, we could go on! ☺

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