We create natural health supplements that contain ingredients which are scientifically researched to address the multiple pain points, helping to restore mental balance and inner wellbeing. So women can live their life by choice not by symptom.


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Like you, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of women’s hormones throughout our lives. And then peri- and post-menopause came along and took us on an enormous learning curve. There’s magic in that because it’s now our mission to empower others through knowledge and evidence-backed, natural solutions designed to help you feel like you again.

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Estrogen Dominance?

It can occur in our 30s, during pre-menopause, and can be particularly prevalent in perimenopause.


I was expecting it to take a few weeks to bring results but it only took days*! You don’t even know what a difference it has made to my (and my husbands) life! I suffered from hot flushes 2/3 times per hour, was very moody and really thought how am I going to do this for a few years? Using your supplement my body temperature is normal, am far more balanced and relaxed and feel more like my old happy self again!... Thank you so so much! (* See disclaimer below).
Martine Kessler
I was suffering from hot flushes and sleeplessness which got to a peak while I was overseas. I felt terrible and was at my witts end. After getting back to NZ I found this product. I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a try. Wow! I’m so glad I found it. In a couple of weeks of starting, I’m sleeping well and my energy levels are back to normal. It’s an amazing product. (* See disclaimer below).
Linzi Keen
I have to say alleluia, I have been in menopause for many years, have not had a good nights sleep for a long time, tried just about everything thats on the market, and got nowhere, until I tried MenoMe. I have been taking them now for 4 weeks*, hot flushes gone , I'm sleeping, and I feel normal again. Have not felt like that in a long time. Thank you, so good. (* See disclaimer below)
Maria Rossi

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.