3 Simple Ways To Get More Energy

Woman jumping up with energy

Have you got the winter blues?

Chances are you’re feeling less than zappy right now if you’re not a winter lover. Here are three simple ways to get more of a spring in your step:


Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It sounds a bit woo-woo so it can be a bit of a hard thing to get your head around for some. However, plenty of experts say simply tapping specific areas with your fingers can increase your va va voom. For energy, a simplified version involves tapping the dent above your rib cage at the bottom of your throat with the first three fingers of your hand. Do you know where we mean? It’s the curve in the bone at the top of the rib cage. This technique is said to be great at helping with lots of maladies as well as the law of attraction. To see the real thing in action visit bradyates.net. He’s a master.

2. Friends

Surround yourself with high energy friends. You know what it’s like when you’re in the company of certain people? You can’t help picking up on their energy and if they’re full of life and bubbling over with activity you can’t help but be affected. Easy.

3. Take a break

It might seem like basic stuff, but how often do you soldier on getting the job done? Goodness knows we’ve all been guilty of it at some stage. The irony is, if you take a mini-break, get up, stand up and walk around for a few minutes – walk to the loo or the letterbox – you’ll come back and be more productive. It’s about moving and giving your brain a wee rest stop.

Easy peasy 💙

Thanks to Pexels for the image.

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