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I have a passion for helping women with their wellness goals and am a women’s health researcher, author, certified holistic health coach and nutritional awareness counsellor. A former magazine beauty and wellbeing editor I’ve spent almost my entire career working with women.

When I began experiencing hot flushes, severe anxiety, dizzy spells and debilitating pain I had no idea about perimenopause. Neither did the doctors. It’s one reason I’ve spent five years studying the ‘why’s’ of these symptoms through a functional medicine lens.

I managed to turn it around so I hope by sharing what I’ve learned it will help you. For starters, I can tell you it takes a multi-pronged approach by working with Mother Nature. I work with 40+ and 55+ because they’re 100% natural and evidence-backed by clinical trials which is vital when choosing supplements.  

I’m a member of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC) and an associate of The Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). I’m also the founder of where I help 40+ women with weight loss, mindset and skin health.

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