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Jenna Moore - Health & Wellbeing MenoMe

I come from a long background as a magazine beauty and wellbeing editor. I’ve worked with Next magazine, Notebook:, Women’s Health, Style, Fitness Life and New Idea, plus I wrote a book called In The Pink: a guide to breasts, cancer and living well with naturopath Lani Lopez.

I’ve always been a champion of women’s health and like to help women live their most vibrant and beautiful lives. I’m also a certified international health coach (IINHC  IAHC) and am working on some great tools using both ancient and modern wisdom to optimise wellness in women after 40.

I experienced severe anxiety, muscle pain and hot flushes during perimenopause. I’ve managed to turn it around so I hope by sharing what I’ve learned it will help you. Let’s start the conversation and let the rest of the sisterhood know because together we’re better. I’m pretty passionate about MenoMe® and EstroG-100™*. It’s helped me make this life stage easier, and we want to do the same for you. It’s time to experience freedom!

*EstroG-100™ is the patented herbal formulation used in MenoMe® 40+.


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