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Leigh Kite - Director MenoMe

I reached menopause at the age of 55, some four years later than the national average. I had my children late in life and I remember reading somewhere that because of this I could expect my menopause to be later than normal as my body would be tricked into thinking that it was younger than it was. As it turned out, this was true, except it was my body which tricked me not the other way round.

In hindsight, I was perimenopausal four years earlier but had no idea. I knew about hot flushes but I wasn’t having any. What I was experiencing was sleeplessness, anxiety, feelings of dread and fatigue.

I put this down to stressors that were present at home and at work at the time. The sensations got so bad I thought I was losing my mind and ended up speaking with a counsellor. Fortunately, she was female and over 50 and I remember her looking at me and gently asking “are you in menopause yet?”!

I have a family history of breast cancer and blood clots so couldn’t go on to HRT, and I found many natural remedies cautioned usage for those at risk of hormone-related cancers. So I boxed along making some lifestyle changes.

So when Pete, who I knew professionally, contacted me out of the blue about a menopause product called EstroG-100™, my interest was definitely piqued. This was something I definitely wanted to share with New Zealand women. I wanted to build a community to help women recognise the signs of menopause early (way earlier than me!) and give them the tools and encouragement to make the change of life the time of their life.

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