My 40+ Journey II

Dee with 40+

I’ve been taking 40+ (formerly known as EstroG-100™) every day since December 2015 when I was 46.

Sleep was my main issue, I had difficulty going to sleep and would lie awake for hours with my brain unable to shut off from my busy days.

Sleeping has been fantastic since I started on 40+ (apart from a couple of short – what I like to call ‘blips’ – along the way where for a couple of weeks at a time I didn’t sleep so well as described in my first blog on My 40+ Journey). Now though, apart from two isolated instances, I’ve been sleeping better than I ever have. So you can imagine my protest recently when I was asked to stop taking my 40+.


Why did I have to stop taking 40+? I had to have minor surgery, and as part of the preparation, I was told to cease taking all herbal supplements two weeks prior to the operation. I guess this is because of anything to do with supplements that might interfere with anaesthetic or blood thinning.

I reluctantly stopped and about four days later there I was lying awake at night again. It was the same scenario as back in 2015 – I was unable to shut my brain off. Over the following two weeks, I lay awake thinking about everything for hours.

So off to the hospital I went with my 40+ packed in my bag ready to start again that night. Surgery came and went and at discharge, the nurse informed me I should continue to refrain from taking supplements for at least another week.


I had a good sleep the night of my surgery (due to the anaesthetic and all the meds they gave me for pain), but then it was pretty much another week of unsettled sleep. I started on 40+™ exactly one week later, and I’d say it was about five days before I began going to sleep quickly and staying asleep again. I remember one sleep was so good I was pretty much dancing when I got out of bed 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, LOL!

Yay, now I can carry on with my busy life and training for my events.

My Conclusion

Although I wasn’t happy about not taking 40+ for three weeks I looked at it as an experiment. I had been taking it for a long time, and since I am still young 🙂 and only beginning my menopause journey, from time to time I did wonder if it was the 40+ that was improving my nights or if my sleep had simply come right.

Not so it seems and my experiment has confirmed the effect 40+ is having on my hormones.


This article is not to say 40+ has ‘cured’ everything, not at all. We all know nothing is a panacea when it comes to our pesky hormones. But. Da da. My sleep is way better than what it was before I started taking 40+, and I feel good over-all, positive with energy.

However, I’m realistic about the fact that these things fluctuate because that’s what our hormones do at this time of life.

Add in the changes that naturally happen in our life cycles. I’m getting closer to 50, life is becoming more full-on with expanding businesses, a growing family and more sports events.

Plus I’m getting the anaesthetic out of my system from two surgeries in eight months, so things are bound to ebb and flow for a wee while.

Just saying 🙂

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