The Science

Smart Science: We combine the ancient wisdom of Asian traditional medicine with state of the art science using a patented blend of botanical root extracts, New Zealand plant extracts and powerful vitamins and minerals.

MenoMe® Offers Natural Menopause Solutions.
Safe. Effective. Scientifically Proven.
Tested On Humans.

Ever since MenoMe® was founded in 2015 we’ve been driven by the scientific study of safe, effective, natural ingredients, their synergy with the biochemistry of the human body and helping women navigate the biological changes of perimenopause through to the rest of their lives in post-menopause.

From biotech laboratories in Asia to cutting edge science and innovation down under we have uncovered some of the safest ingredients and formulations. We’ve ensured they’ve been through scientific testing and human trials, have no known adverse side effects, are estrogen, hormone and black cohosh free*, contain no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or fillers, and are plant-based and vegetarian friendly.
(*Black cohosh has been linked to liver toxicity in some cases.)

At MenoMe®, we understand that some women feel they’ve tried everything without success. We know many of them feel short-changed by a scarcity of knowledge when they ask for help. We’re also aware a large percentage of women would like to navigate their menopause naturally without the need for prescription medications.

As a female-led organisation, we’ve walked this path ourselves. To be clear, not every woman will experience symptoms during their menopausal years. Our mission is to help those women who find themselves struggling with the common signs. It’s our aim is to offer safe solutions and a strong community of support and credible information.



A long history of use in traditional medicine and years of research and development have gone into the formulation of EstroG-100™, the patented herbal root blend we use in both 40+ and 55+.



40+ and 55+ are completely natural. We use vege capsules and NO artificial flavours, artificial colours, preservatives or fillers.


Estrog-100™, the herbal extract in 40+ and 55+ has been through several clinical trials. Enzogenol®, the pine bark extract we use in 55+ is backed by scientific research. We also use marine magnesium and vitamin D3 in 55+ – both well-known, proven supplements.

What does it mean to be Clinically Proven?

We often hear medical professionals advising us not to take supplements that do not have evidence of efficacy (effectiveness). Usually, they describe this in words such as “clinically proven” or “having undergone clinical trials”.

The reason is that medical practitioners are concerned about the health, safety and welfare of their patients. They see too many examples of patients taking both medicines and supplements that, at best will have no tangible benefit and at worst could actually be harmful. 

In essence clinically proven means that a product has been through controlled scientific testing and shown positive results. The testing is usually done in a laboratory setting and/or in human studies that measure the safety and efficacy using strict controls and in-depth statistical analysis.

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