For women in menopause fatigue can come crashing in at any time, for no good reason.


What is menopausal fatigue?

Menopausal fatigue, or crashing fatigue, is when the feeling of extreme exhaustion and complete lack of energy suddenly becomes overwhelming.

Often with this sign it’s not about feeling sleepy or wanting to go to bed. It’s about not being able to carry on with your normal activities because of a complete absence of energy.

Stress and anxiety can often trigger this sign.

Why does menopause cause fatigue?

Once again, as with many of the other signs of menopause, hormonal imbalances are the major culprit. Your energy levels will mirror the fluctuations in your estrogen levels. When they are rock bottom you will be sure to feel fatigue.

These hormonal changes will also interrupt your normal sleep pattern. The resulting sleeplessness will cause fatigue during the day.

And other menopausal signs such as memory lapses can cause stress which will also contribute to fatigue.

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